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Monrovia, Liberia
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Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. - International Missions Department
of the
Project Goals

Provide laboratory instruction to 1100 students 
* Prepare students for WAEC examinations
* Promote and develop students interest in science and technology
* Network with other schools in building knowledge through laboratory instruction
* Provide teacher training workshops and develop science lesson plans and curriculum

Science Lab Project

Students will be trained to administer their own lab
* Increased knowledge of various chemicals, experiments, amd mixtures
* Basic knowledge of a laboratory technician's work 
* Encouragement to seek a science-related career or medical career

You can help the students of HMI by partnering with us to furnish their new Science Lab. HMI has a spacious room to house the lab but lacks supplies, euipment, curriculum, and furniture necessary to operate the lab.  The school operates both primary and secondary schools. For quality education and discipline she cannoy carry out her mandate without a modern science lab. The students need access to science to increase interest in scence related fields.  

When this goal is accomplished, HMI will be the only high school with a modern science lab on the Old Road, Cong Town Community.

Activities will be monitored by the Principal, vice principal, supervisor, and other line managers.  Evaluation and monitoring will be conducted by the school authority and HMI partners who help fund the project.

Students will also evaluate the lab program. This evaluation will take place at the end of each school year to help improve the performance of the program.

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